TEAM Group Ltd provides superior project management related services mainly to the public sector at both local and national levels, including the transport, housing and education sectors.  Our professional expertise is applied throughout the project life-cycle to consistently produce successful outcomes for our clients.  This includes unlocking potential added value through minimising procurement and contractual risks and ensuring full completion. 

TEAM Group Ltd is a privately owned independent company which values strong professional relationships with clients and project stakeholders.


TEAM Services

We are proud to be able to offer you the following services:

  • Project management
    • building effective project teams
    • programme management and development
    • project audits
    • Investment Logic Mapping
    • contract management
    • risk management
    • project closure
  • Procurement
    • strategies
    • process design
    • document enhancements
    • sourcing including evaluation and tag removal
    • probity advisor
    • reporting and closure
  • Property Legalisation
    • simplification of property related complexities
    • Resource Management
      • resource consent applications
      • land use and subdivision compliance
      • completion documentation and council certification
      • title facilitation
    • Special Housing Areas
    • Buildings
      • building consent applications
      • construction compliance
      • completion documentation and council certification
    • reporting and completion records
    • legacy investigations and completions


TEAM Values

TEAM Group Ltd applies the following core values to all of our activities:








People make projects.  All project results consist of goods and services that have been created by people.  The results of projects affect people, either individually or as stakeholder communities.  We regard people as the key to project success and prioritise establishing and maintaining excellent professional relationships with all project participants using face to face contact as well as convenient modern communication technologies.








As project professionals we apply the highest personal standards to all of our project activities.  Integrity, openness and transparency ensure a high degree of probity in our commercial dealings.  Our professional expertise has been successfully applied across a variety of sectors.  We also recognise the importance of professional institutes in setting and maintaining standards and actively participate in their activities and comply with their codes of ethics.








Best value for money, not just lowest initial cost, is the key to maximising procurement effectiveness.  The use of supplier selection processes aligned with client requirements that are appropriate to the level of risk involved ensures the selection of suppliers best suited for each particular project.  The choice of appropriate contractual forms can significantly minimise contractual risks.



TEAM Contacts

TEAM Group Ltd


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Auckland 0741

New Zealand


Phone             +64 9 489 9008


Email              team@teamgroup.co.nz



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